Fans Tweet Cardi B RECEIPTS That Offset ISN’T The Father Of Celina Powell’s Baby

Another day, another failed attempt of Celina Powell’s scam for fame.

Her name was first brought into the blogs after she allegedly used her friend’s pregnancy test to claim she herself was pregnant by Fetty Wap in November 2015, after also claiming she was sleeping with Fetty’s longtime friend Monty.

She also allegdly claimed to have slept with Swae Lee of rap group Rae Sremmurd and to have had an affair with basketball player Iman Shumpert, who’s married to singer Teyana Taylor, and to have been dating actor O’shea Jackson, Jr.

This groupie has penned so many invisible babies on different rappers, that no one takes her seriously (as if they ever did).

Except Cardi.

Given Offset’s recent cheating scandals, his fiancé Cardi B has become very sensitive at the mention of Offset with another woman. Some bloggers have run off with the story. Others know better. If it wasn’ for Cardi jumping in the scandal to responds to fans tweets, I wouldn’t be mentioning this story, either.

After Offset finally addressed Celina’s fake story, fans began to tweet Cardi receipts. The first is a joint interview with Celina Powell and a rapper from Denver named Reggie “Young K” Cotton, who claims he is the father of Celina’s baby:

Fans also tweeted receipts of Celina claiming her newborn daughter born March 23, 2018, was due in May 2018. However, her child appears to full term, showing inconsistencies in her story:

After Cardi B addressed fans penning Young K as the father of baby Karma, he backed out, saying he’s one of five different men who could be the father:

These two might be scamming together.

At this point, I question if that’s even her child in the Instagram picture.