“Black Ink Crew” Sky’s Son Genesis EXPOSES Her AND His Foster Mom Kandace Raymond [RECEIPTS]

As I reported last month, Black Ink Crew‘s Sky’s meet up with her eldest son Genesis would end in blows.

The lies of Sky first unraveled when her son Genesis and his father Reese sat down for an interview and exposed Sky’s fake storyline of a selfless mother who gave up her kids for adoption to a rich family.

Tonight, that long awaited reunion aired and Sky is still steaming from her son’s interview, insulting both her former castmate Dutchess and the interviewer Vivian “Gossip Viv” Billings:

Tonight’s Episode Is Hard To Watch But I Know Using The Platform Of #BlackinkCrew To Bring Awareness To Adoption Is All I Wanted + More.. You’ve Followed This Journey For the Past Few Years & Now Tonight You Finally See Us Reunited❤️☺️?? I Could Give A Fuck Bout A Bum Ass Crusty Lipped HatIn Bitch That Used To Compliment Me Like #Dutchess who Shops Numbers Are doing TERRIBLE (I’ve been Told by 1 of your employees) & That Tries To Stay Relevant via Me Or My Thievin Ass Ex Manager Chase That Her & Ass Kissin “Friend” #CouponViv (remember when You Met Me ☺️ You Almost Cried And wanted a pic ) Linked Up Wit Let Alone A Bum Ass Comment From a Strange Fan…. Thank You For Following My Journey And For The Dm’s & Messages Of Love.❤️ Thank You. I Did This To Show You My Life & Where I Came From.. I Just Thank God For The Glow Up & A Roof Ova My Head….. I’ve Learned To Accept The Things I Can Not Change. #BLACKINKCREW TONIGHT AT 9pm On #Vh1

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Vivian, in anticiation for the backlash if Sky’s fans posted this the day of the episode:

Genesis posted receipts that his foster mother was anything but an “angel”, as Sky called her. Genesis posted screenshots from an article revealing his foster mother Kandace Raymond was arrested for stealing $45,000 from a girls softball league in March 2015.

Kandace, who was 51 at the time, was arrested after an investigation of the financial records of the Wylie Fast Pitch Softball Association lead back to her, says reports. Kandace plead guilty and was sentenced to 10 years probation. She reportedly offered to pay back the money.

Genesis posted the article as well as screenshots of messages about Genesis being expelled from nearly every school he was enrolled in, showing his life with the Raymond family was far from the privileged tale Sky painted. He also posted his juvenile department records.

Though Sky praised the Raymond family for taking in her 2 kids, Genesis stated in the interview that he’d suffered abuse from his foster father, presumably Kandace’s husband, and when he fought back, he was arrested and continuously placed into juvenile detention centers.

Check his receipts below:

Watch Sky meet her son older Genesis below:

Watch Sky meet her younger son Dessalines below:


  1. If the Virginia foster system had done their true diligence, they would have found the Kandace Raymond has extensive criminal history. Yes, they have money, but much of that came from (and obviously still comes from) her stealing from various people and companies. She served time in Virginia, and also in either New York or Penn, just to name two. Why don’t organizations, such as the softball league in Abilene that made her president, do background checks?

  2. My heart goes out to Genesis for the trauma that he went through as a child. I’m an adoptive mother who love and adore my children to infinity and beyond. The reason why I adopted my children was because I was a caseworker for many years and I saw how some of those children went through serious trauma when separated from their parents and placed in foster homes and some later adoptied. I felt so bad for them and wanted to make a difference in a child’s life. I have three teenage sons whom I’ve adopted and I they are my sons. I’ve always worked hard to give them parental love,guidance and support. Thinking of them having to be in the situation as Genesis broke my heart. I adopted one of my sons when he was 6 years old as Genesis was when sky gave him up. Initially he was acting out but I counter acted and showered him with love. Eventually he settled down after he felt safe and protected. Today he’s almost 19 years old and when I told him how he behaved when he was 6, he couldn’t believe it. He in return said, Mom thank you for not giving up on me. The moral of this story is true love conquers all. I understand that Sky was young and she did the best that she could at that time,. She was a kid herself. She did not completely failed you, but the system did. My advice to Genesis is forgiveness. Maybe you are not ready but it will take time. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I am sorry that you had to go through such misfortune. Your story was the reason why I adopted my children. Much love to you all. Rastabongo

    • I love love this comment ! It is the truth!! Love u Sky and Genesis!! Thanks for taking care and showering our children with love that they deserve Rastabongo!!

  3. Wow I knew something wasn’t right with this storyline yes her younger son knows she’s making money now but the oldest son still hurts and don’t care about any of that and he was abuse by these Foster people

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