Looks Like We’ve Found “Tammy With The Good Golf Swing”! This Is The Woman Cecil Whitmore Let Destroy His Marriage?!

I found Tammy With The Good Golf Swing who  was a hot topic on last night’s conclusion of this season’s Married To Medicine reunion.

During the reunion, Dr. Simone Whitmore said Tammy was a friend of her husband, Cecil, who overstayed her welcome and overshared her opinions of Simone.

It was also obvious how easily Cecil said he loved Tammy, but throughout the season it was a struggle for him to say he loved his wife.

The friendship between Cecil and Tammy looked more like an emotional affair.

In the end, Cecil agreed to give up his friendship with Tammy to keep his wife.
Well, a little lurking over Cecil’s social media page and it looks like we’ve found Tammy the threat.


Enter Tammy Miller, who calls herself Cecil’s “best friend” and has accompanied him (and Simone) on trips golf trips D.C., holiday getaways in Rome, and yachting through the waters of Mexico. She’s also spent New Year’s with the couple overseas.

Take a look below:

This is the woman Cecil let come in between their marriage?!