Popular YouTuber & Parents ARRESTED For Reportedly KIDNAPPING 6 Year Old Girl

Popular YouTuber, 21 year old Anupama Pathman and her parents were all reportedly arrested after abducting a 6 year old girl back in November.

According to reports, on Monday, November 26 at 4:30pm, 6 year old Abigel Sarah Regi walked home with her 8 year old brother Johnathan in Oyoor near the suburbs of India’s Kollam where they live. The 8 year old boy was pushed down while his sister was forced into a White sedan with fake license plates. Pictures of the vehicle circulated on the news as well as social media.

Later that evening, the victim’s mother received a call from 48 year old Anita Kumari demanding ransom money for the child. They would later call again demanding double the original amount. It is believed the woman had been planning the abduction for nearly a year before it occurred to help her husband out of massive debt that he incurred.

The next day, out of fear of being caught, the accused abductors abandoned the child near the suburbs where she lived. Anitha, her husband, 52 year old K R Padmakumar & their 21 year old daughter Anupama were all reportedly in on it & arrested a few days later.

Anupama Pathman is an aspiring influencer who runs several social media accounts, including a Kardashian fan channel on YouTube that has over 500k followers.