Devonte Hart, Black Boy In Viral “Free Hugs” Police Photo, MISSING After White Adoptive Parents Drive Devonte & 5 Siblings Off A Cliff

Devonte Hart, the little Black boy whose viral photo of him hugging a police officer during a Mike Brown rally, is missing after his adoptive White parents drove themselves and their children off a cliff on the northern California coast.

Police believe Devonte and the other 5 of his adoptive siblings were inside the SUV.

The bodies of lesbian couple Sarah and Jennifer Hart, along with their adopted kids 19 year old Markis Hart, 14 year old Abigail Hart, and 14 year old Jeremiah Hart were all found outside the vehicle. The couple’s bodies were found still inside the 2003 GMC Yukon Wednesday.

Jennifer was reportedly the driver.

Though they believe all 6 of the children were in the SUV, police are still looking for the bodies of 12 year old Sierra Hart, 16 year old Hannah Hart, and Devonte Hart who is now 15 years old.

Jennifer and Sarah Hart tried to paint a picture of a racially inclusive family, adopting a group of Black children. They attended rallies, protesting social injustice, calling themselves the Hart Tribe, says reports, but neighbors and court records tell a different story.