Black Twitter ERUPTS Over Stephon Clark Tweets BASHING Black Women & Bragging About ROBBERY

Stephon Clark, 22, was shot in his own backyard when cops “mistook” his cell phone for a weapon.

On March 18, 2018, Sacramento police received a call of someone breaking into cars. Deputies in a helicopter told ground police they spotted a man in the area armed with a “tool bar” hiding in someone’s backyard and directed ground police to the location. Police entered Stephon’s backyard and fired 20 shots at him. He was shot a total of 8 times. Officers reportedly yelled “show me your hands” before yelling “gun, gun, gun!”

Stephon’s grandmother and her husband, who were in the home at the time, say they didn’t hear police shouting commands, but they heard the gunshots. Police later discovered the item in Stephon’s hand wasn’t a gun nor a “tool bar”. It was his cell phone.

Since his death, Stephon’s name has echoed through national headlines. Former Sacramento Kings player DeMarcus Cousins offered to pay for Stephon’s funeral. Stephon’s brother Stevante Clark also made headlines when he led a protest into a Sacramento City Council meeting Tuesday night. Stevante also appeared in a heated interview with Don Lemon on CNN.

Stephon became the new face of the Black Lives Matter movement, but now people are questioning if he’s worth their support. Black Twitter is in an uproar after finding tweets from Stephon Clark bashing Black women and his girlfriend and mother of his children, who is Vietnamese and Indian, using the N-word. He also has tweets which seemed to be aimed at the Black Lives Matter movement, suggesting he couldn’t support BLM because his sons are Asian.

He also has tweets bragging about robbing, which is ironic because he was killed by police who mistook him for a suspect breaking into properties. #BlackTwitter is torn, between those who won’t stand behind a Black man who bashed Black women, and those saying he STILL didn’t deserve to die. I still think he didn’t deserve to die, regardless of his opinions.

See his tweets below:

People also pointed out this tweet, which seemed to be aimed at the Black Lives Matter movement:

Stephon’s Asian girlfriend’s tweets:

Black Twitter’s reaction:

Some feel Black women have to pick and choose their battles, picking the lesser of two evils: misogyny or racism:

Be clear, no one justifying his death with his tweets. They’re questioning if his death deserves our sympathy, especially the sympathy of Black women who are always on the front line for Black men, despite never receiving the same in return.

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  1. Who is confirming the validity of these tweets or accounts as actually belonging to the individuals in question?

    I don’t like my people getting triggered or trolled over fake news.

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