[VIDEO] Monique BLASTS Tyler Perry, Oprah & Lee Daniels After Being “Blackballed”

Monique has fired back at Black Hollywood’s major producers, name dropping Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, and Lee Daniels during a rant about being blackballed.

Monique told an audience during a recent standup comedy show “I wasn’t ‘blackballed’. I was fucked up by some niggas who had no balls”.

Watch below:

Back in 2015, Monique says Lee Daniels told her she was blackballed during a phone conversation. After starring in Lee’s Precious film, Lee offered Monique the role of Cookie in FOX’s Empire TV show. After Monique gave Lee her salary requirement, Lee told her FOX’s producers didn’t want to work with her, as she was “difficult” to work with. Lee reportedly denied the comversation and that Monique was ever offered the role. Monique later released receipts in the forms of emails to prove she was offered the role by Lee Daniels.

Lee Daniels also told CNN Monique made unreasonable demands during the promo campaign for his film Precious and blamed Monique of “reverse racism” for refusing to do promo appearances to satisfy the film’s producers.

Monique fired back, saying she made no demands. Outside of appearing at award shows to promote the film, Monique was also filming a talk show and standup comedy shows, and wanted to spend the few days of down time she had with her family.

Monique and Lee’s friendship became strained after that, as Monique continued to do TV show appearances to clear her name against Lee Daniels’ accusations.