#BrokenHeartedGirl PART 2: Why My Father Was RARELY Around

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Fisher knew my mom since they were teenagers. They went to high school together and it was there that the fast talking cigarette-smoking bad girl caught the eye of the math nerd, who would later grow up to be dope boy Fisher. Fisher had a crush on my mom, but due to his awkward shyness, the closest he ever got to her was when my mom asked to cheat off his paper in Geometry. Fisher never got the courage to speak to my mom then.

It wasn’t til over a decade later as a 29 year old dope boy, Fisher ran into his high school crush. Despite her being with another man (my biological dad, Frank) and was pregnant with me, Fisher still wanted her. “When you drop that baby, you gone be mine”, Fisher jokingly told my mom. A month after she had me, they started dating, while she was still involved with Frank.

My mom had moved in with Frank months into her new relationship with Fisher. One day, Fisher stopped by our home to see my mom and Frank opened the door. They started arguing in tye doorway and Fisher pull out his pistol, put it up to Frank’s forehead and said “you can blow the candle out on this relationship, because this woman belongs to me”. Frank never came back again. He also never forgave my mom.

I should also add that Fisher is from Eldridge St. in North Memphis, and whether he’s high or sober, he still thinks he’s the hardest man in the city. This is something I learned after writing that story. I still believe nobody should ever come between you and your child, pistol or not.

– By Icis Mims


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