5 Ways To Get Over A Break Up

After breaking up with someone you’re either relieved, disappointed, mad or all of the above. It’s so many ways to get over your ex,but I’m going to tell you ways I get over mine.

  1. Stop ALL Contact.

You cannot continue to see or talk to this person if you’re trying to get over them. You have to cut all ties. Keeping communication going between you and you ex while trying to get over them is like saying you’re going on a diet while sitting in your favorite burger joint all day. The familiar smell of those burgers will have you forgetting your diet in no time. The familiar feeling of communicating with no strings attached will remind of the good ole days of when you two first started dating. Now, you’re nostalgia made you forget why you broke up in the first place…until he reminds you.

  1. Think NEGATIVE.

Think of all the negativity in that toxic relationship to remind yourself why you left. Lonely nights and a dry phone will have you missing the fairytale that never was. You’ll be tempted to reach back ou to him. Remind yourself of every negative trait he has and thing your ex has done to you. IT WORKS. When I do, I tell myself “he got me f*cked up” and that I better not EVER get back with a man who has mistreated me.

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