#BrokenHeartedGirl: How My DADDY ISSUES F*cked Up My Relationships… And STILL DO

“She doesn’t know how she’s supposed to be treated because her dad wasn’t around”?

I never believed that saying only because growing up I was raised around REAL stand up men, outside of my biological father. I’ve always looked at those guys as the standard on how a man is supposed to treat a woman. I didn’t believe having your biological father around or not affected the way you view men. It wasn’t until now, as I sit in front of my laptop as a single 30 year old woman, hurt by 3 men, including my father, and feeling abandoned…. and wondering if things would be different had my biological father he been a great dad, that I realize how true that saying is.

Growing up my mom sold drugs, was a hairstylist, and a full time mom at the same damn time.

As for my biological father, *Franklin, he was a half-time dad: half the time, I seen him and half the time, I didn’t. He had a wife and 4 other kids, and as a child, they reminded me of a family on TV. My dad was the best dad to those kids, but I always felt disconnected. I was the product of my dad’s affair, the daughter of his side-chick. I always wondered why he didn’t marry my mom. Why did he leave me to be raised by a single parent? Was that the reason he was hardly around? He was the first man to make me feel abandoned.

Before I have you thinking I grew up without a man in the house, let me add this to the story:

My mom had a drug dealer boyfriend named *Fisher that I called my dad for some part of my life. He became the father of my younger sister. I loved him like he was my own father. He provided for my mom and her kids like no other, and was the sweetest man you have ever seen in life. He did exactly what Steve Harvey said a real man would do: provide, protect, and profess. He was the type of guy that you would want your kids to call “dad” and yourself to call “husband”. I felt like he had our backs growing up, so I had his. One particular time, when I was around 8 years old, Fisher had drugs in the car when he was stopped by the police… and I was with him.

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  1. Girl!!! If someone handed me this script and told me it was fiction, I would have believed it. I can’t believe this is something you went through! Did y’all ever talk again? About the pregnancy?

  2. I was crying with a bald up face once I made it to page 3! Them dam officers ain’t never been shit! They always did everything but protect and serve! U are so strong baby girl. U rock! Hell I admire u. I’m proud that God allowed u to face your fear n part ways with it! Abandonment was your fear! It’s clear to see that u now love Icis! That means all that you endured from your past is helping build who u are now! You are smart you are beautiful you are unique very creative and not to mention talentive! Now that u have been through to get too honey u better keep climbing the mountain of success. U can only move up from here! It’s ok not to forget your past… But it’s a weight lifted when you move on from it.. Love ya #Heavy

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