Kanye West Says Slavery Was “A Choice” & Gets Confronted By TMZ Black Employee Van Lathan [FULL VIDEO]

Kanye West and Black conservative Candace Owens stopped by TMZ for a live interview.

During the interview, Kanye stated for Black people to be enslaved for 400 years while physically outnumbering their masters, slavery sounded like it was a choice.

He later explained on Twitter that Black people were mentally enslaved and that that was the choice:

He then discussed the Black Lives Matter movement, saying “Blacks” don’t march when it’s Black on Black crime, only when a White person kills them, which is false.

“Stop The Violence” and “Guns Down” marches and rallies protesting gang and gun violence within the Black on Black community have been held in just about every predominantly Black and Brown city in America.

Kanye also held a brief conversation about religion with a White female employee of TMZ before being dragged by Van Lathan on what it means to be Black in America. The conversation got so heated, Kanye said he didn’t want them shouting distantly at each other anymore because they looked crazy.

That ship left the dock for Kanye circa May 2014.

Kanye also admitted to drug use, saying he was popping so many opioids, it put his team on alert soon after Trump’s election. He was initially presribed  the medication after undergoing liposuction, which Kanye says he got out of fear of getting fat-shamed like his brother-in-law, Rob Kardashian.

Watch the full interview below: