Cardi B’s Sister Hennessy Says KASH DOLL “Been HATING Since Last Year”?!

After Kash Doll revealed that Cardi B’s YG assisted single “She Bad” was originally supposed to feature her, not Cardi B, both Cardi and her firey sister Hennessy responded on social media.

Initially, Kash Doll said during her Instagram live that her verse on the record was a “remix” to Cardi’s single. She then admitted to lying, but said didn’t want to get into the details of the real story behind the song out of fear fans would twist her words into a diss against Cardi. Kash Doll later admitted West Coast rapper YG asked to feature her on the song.

She dropped the verse and later found out the song was given to Cardi B and Kash Doll’s verse was dropped from the single altogether.

Singer/rapper Dreezy revealed on Twitter that YG also offered that same song to her before giving it to Cardi.

Hennessey felt the two were shading her sis and in a since-deleted post reportedly stated:

“Mother f*ckers been sneak dissing since last year and still wanna act like they ain’t salty….so over all these frauds”.

If you’re wondering what sneak dissing Henny C referred to, during an interview with Hollywood Unlocked musician/reality TV star Jhonni Blaze exposed Kash Doll for hating on Cardi. Jhonni stated she’d overheard phone conversations where Kash Doll accused Cardi of copying her stripper-turned-rapper ganster chick persona.

Kash Doll even checked Jhonni for congratulating Cardi on the success of “Foreva”, asking her to remove her congratulatory post on social media, said Jhonni. Because of this, Kash Doll refused to work with Jhonni’s manager, Deb Antney.

Kash Doll also spoke out against Cardi winning the Spirit Award from Kash Doll’s hometown, Detroit. She later went on Instagram live to side with Jessica Dime, who called out TV producer Mona Scott-Young for offering Cardi the wedding special Jessica was denied. Catch all the tea below:

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