China Anne McClain CALLS OUT Anita Baker For Disrespecting Her Mother, ANITA RESPONDS [See Their Exchange]

Tyler Perry star China Anne McClain called out music legend Anita Baker for being rude to her mother, Shontell McClain.

The House Of Payne star says she and her mother spotted Ms. Baker filling out a passport application. Shontell went over to tell Ms. Baker she was a fan of her music and…

All hell broke loose.

China says Anita went off on her mother, yelling and cussing her out in front of the whole office.

Anita says she was trying to be incognegro in the passport office, and almost got away with it, until China’s “very loud” mother blew her cover.

Read their exchange below:

Ms. Anita Baker later posted a video while going grocery shopping with a shady caption:

Before y’all hop down China’s throat about coming for a legend, she ain’t the first one to call out Anita for being rude. Ironically, I just read a post on Facebook yesterday where people discussed their experiences with rude celebs in the comments. Anita’s name popped up a few times… and no one was surprised.

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  1. It said when people who serve the public feels they are so above people that they can be rude! But always remember it’s your fans that make you and being that way you won’t get very far so please stay humble because you never know who you are entertaining?

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