7 Year Old Havana Edwards Was The ONLY STUDENT To Walk Out Of Her Elementary School In Protest For “National Walk Out Day”

7 year old Havana Edwards participated in the silent protest, #NationalWalkOutDay, where students walk out of school and have a moment of silence for victims of school shootings.

Unfortunately, she was the only one to walk out of her Washington D.C. elementary school.

Havana’s family attended #MarchForOurLives and she was inspired by the speakers to do something about gun violence and racial injustice. When she decided to walk, her classmates stayed put:

“I didn’t understand why they didn’t care,” Havana told Teen Vogue. “I tried to tell them to come, but they said no.”

Havana’s mother Bethany Edwards spoke on educating her daughter on the issue:

“We talk about how all kids should be treated equally,” she said. “All kids deserve to grow up and have their dream job. It’s not a topic we wanted to or even had the option to shield her from,” Bethany said.

Havana, who wants to grow up to become an astronaut wore the costume to during the walkout. She said some tears when her friends didn’t join her, but plans to do it again after seeing other students across the nation walk out on CNN.

“I am going to tell my friends I did this, and then next time there will be more of us. That means we are winning.”

Havana also started a book club, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement:

“I believe Black Books Matter, too, and I donate a lot of books to my school with black girls in them”.

I hope my future daughter has the heart of Havana.