Photo Of J. Crew Model SPARKS OUTRAGE

Folks are up in arms after a picture of a model on J. Crew’s website fueled reports of how Black models, especially those with natural hair, are often neglected by stylists.

The model featured, rocking a “Madewell marled slim mockneck sweater-dress” has her hair lazily tied up in a short knot. The dress has since sold out, currently according to the site. Her image sparked outrage over social media. See it for yourself below:

When I first saw this photo, I thought of model Londone Myers, who recorded herself being ignored by White hairstylists backstage at a fashion show because they didn’t know what to do with her natural hair.

Someone argued that maybe the design team at Jcrew tried to go for a touseled look, comparing it to a Kerry Washington Allure Magazine shoot where her hair was “styled” similar to this, except #KerryWashington’s hair appeared to have been straightened first:

Natural or not, her hair could’ve been styled better than this.

J. Crew responded to the outrage via Twitter and issued an apology: