PETTY!! Illinois Mother Explains The EXTREME Measures She Took To MAKE Her Baby-Daddy’s Family Watch Her Kids

An Illinois woman posted a hilarious video of the extreme measures she took to get her children’s father’s family to watch her kids.

According to the woman, she and her children’s father worked out an agreement that the children would stay with him every other weekend. His weekend arrives and he tells his children’s mother he can’t watch them because he made plans for that weekend, despite previously agreeing to keep his children that weekend.

The Illinois mother also made plans with her friends and refused to cancel them. The father suggests taking them over to his mother’s house, the children’s paternal grandmother, who happens to live right next door to the Illinois woman.

Only one problem: grandma won’t answer the door.

Watch as the woman explains how she got her ex’s mother to watch the kids. The grandmother told her, after the mother pulled this stunt, that she’s never watching the children again!

Her video has since went viral with over 6 million views!