Jelani Maraj’s Stepdaughter Was PENETRATED, Says Child Abuse Expert, Jelani’s Lawyer Says It Could’ve Came From A 15 Year Old BOYFRIEND

Jelani Maraj, 37.

Despite Jelani Maraj’s legal defense saying his wife planted his DNA in her daughter’s pants to fake a rape charge, child abuse experts say Jelani’s stepdaughter wad penetrated.

Prosecutors say Jelani raped his then-11 year old stepdaughter “at least 4 times a week” for a period of months in 2015. The abuse was revealed by the victim’s 8 year old brother who reportedly walked in on Jelani raping the girl in their guest room.

The 8 year old boy was reportedly beaten as punishment for walking in on them.

“I can say with a reasonable degree of certainty that [the girl’s] medical exam can prove penetration”, said Dr. Aaron Miller

The jury was then shown examination photos, says reports, which showed the victim had “a ┬átear from penetration injury”.

Jelani’s defense team implied the penetration of the now 14 year old girl could’ve came from a teenage boyfriend.

“Assume the patient has a boyfriend who is 15 and she’s having sex for six months.

Are those findings consistent with having sex with a 15-year-old boyfriend?”, Jelani’s defense asked the child abuse expert during cross-examination.

The judge reportedly told the expert not to answer as it leads to speculation, without valid evidence.

We’re only in 2 days into Jelani’s rape trial at Nassau County Supreme Court and his defense team is pulling out all the stops.