Chrisette Michele Reveals Capitol Records DROPPED HER After Singing At TRUMP Inauguration, She Had A MISCARRIAGE, & Considered SUICIDE

In a series of pictures on Instagram, singer, actress, and reality star Chrisette Michele revealed she was dropped from her deal at Capitol Records and considered suicide via overdosing on Xanax and liquor.

Chrisette also revealed she’d suffered a miscarriage and even posted a picture of the remains of a presumably miscarried fetus in a paper towel. After choosing to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration, Chrisette says she felt like the community she’s done do much for, the Black community, showed her its middle finger and that she no longer belonged. She also discussed a past binge eating disorder that returned in the form of over exercising and pushing her body so much that she miscarried the child she and her man worked so hard to conceive, said Chrisette. Read her words on the next page.