Did Social Media Help Solve Murder Of 19 Year Old Chicago Girl Allegedly SET UP, RAPED & MURDERED By Her Friends?!

You can hear Kenneka start to cry in the video, and her friends turned the music up…

Another flash of the room in Irene’s glasses show what appears to be Kenneka laying unconscious on the bed beside a man wearing a red top. Also seen is another man in a blue jacket and white shirt. A third man was present, dressed in white, but cannont be clearly seen in the video. Watch the Facebook Live video and see the timestamps below:

0:40 – “Man, the phones ain’t working, this a weak ass connection”, says Irene Roberts while uploading a clear video to Facebook Live. Someone asks, “let me see one of y’all phones though”.

2:32 – “Did you put any ‘influence’ in this?”, she asks after someone allegedly hands Irene a cup of liquor. She doesn’t drink it.

2:46 –  Despite the phones “not working”, Irene directs other men to the hotel room 926 on 9th floor.

2:44 –  Man allegedly asks Kenneka “you ready?”, then says “Lay down, where you going?” Her friends laugh.

2:59 – See the reflection in Irene’s glasses of one man dressed in red sitting on the opposite bed, another man in blue standing behind him.

3:05 – See Kenneka’s legs laying halfway off the corner of the bed in the reflection.

3:09 – Hear Kenneka start to cry, and her friends turn the music up.

3:05 – hear Kenneka allegedy say “I’m ready to go home”

Afterwards, one man says to the other “what’s up, you riding with me or what?”, his friend replies “bro, you tripping”.

Of course Kenneka’s friends all took to social media, posting pictures Kenneka, saying they missed her. But as most cases go, if too many people are in on a crime, one of them will eventually start telling.

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