White People Are BIG MAD Over P&G’s Commercial On Being Black In America, Read What Former White Employees Have To Say About Procter & Gamble: “They Promote Blacks & Browns Over Me, It’s NOT FAIR!”

White people are big mad over a Procter & Gamble commercial!

You may not be familiar with the name, but I guarantee you that you know the brand. You can’t walk down a grocery store aisle without seeing P&G stamped all over your favorite household products. From Bounty paper towels, Crest toothpaste, even Always feminine products, P&G is a household name. You’d be hard pressed to find a product that doesn’t fall under their company.

But, that’s just what White customers plan to do.

Butt-hurt bigots White people are up in arms over P&G’s commercial, “#TalkAboutBias” or “The Talk”, as part of P&G’s My Black Is Beautiful campaign, which shows Black parents across generations having the uncomfortable conversation about racism after their kids experience it. It starts with a little girl in the 1950s, telling her mother that a woman at the store told her “you’re pretty for a Black girl”.

“That is not a compliment”, the mother says.

The scene cuts presumably to the 1960S, as another Black mother talks to her son about the “ugly, nasty word” he’s been called.

“You are not gonna let that word hurt you”, she tells her son, who’s still visibly upset about the name he’d been called.

Then, to the 70s, as a little Black boy in his baseball uniform walks away from the game with his parents.

The boy looks defeated.

We don’t know if his team won or lost, but we do see that the little boy never left the bench.

“There are some people who think you don’t deserve the same privileges just because of what you look like. It’s not fair. It’s not”, the mother tells her son in his spotless uniform as they leave the game.

The scenes come all the way up to present day as Black mothers have the painful talk with their teenagers on how to engage with police officers when they’re stopped.

It’s important to note that at no time are White people mentioned or shown in a negative light. We can’t even make out the faces of the White parents in the crowd at the baseball game or the families saying goodbye to their kids before they’re off to “Galaxy Camp”, a science camp for kids.

P&G were careful to only show White people at a distance, if at all, during these scenes to keep the primary focus on the conversations between the Black parents and their children.

And yet, White people found a way to be mad about it.

“Proctor and gamble made this racist against white people commercial”, reads one post on Facebook.

“Propaganda with NO TRUTH is what this COMMERCIAL from Proctor and Gamble is about”, reads another. “#BlackViolence towards @police is what Proctor and Gamble is promoting!”

Even former employees of P&G are bashing the commercial. One woman accuses them of using affirmative action as a racist policy against Whites:

“I’ve worked for Proctor and Gamble for 15 yrs. The day you go to work they make you take a multi culture class”, whines the former employee. She then says the company promotes employees based on race, not qualification. On that same post, a few others complain of unfair treatment they’ve received on the job, left in the same position because a Black or Latino person was promoted above them.

A White cop even posted a response video to P&G’s ad, bashing the commercial as a false narrative on the African American experience. I guess policing people and being part of the largest organization that unjustly violates the rights of underprivileged minority groups makes him an expert on the topic.

The bottom line is this:

White people get really irritated when forced to acknowledge perpetual racism and the subsequent privilege it has afforded them. They write off racism as the days of their forefathers while secretly sneering at the Black woman who got a promotion. They quietly applaud when officers paint the streets red with the blood of unarmed Black men and cheer when prosecutors announce they’ll be no charges brought against officers who take part in the hunt.

They cried when Obama took the podium for the second term in a row and filled the polls so a monster who reflects their bigoted beliefs could take reign.

The best thing to come out of living in Trump’s America is now the white hoods have been pulled off. Cops, politicians, elementary teachers, even your neighbors have all been voluntarily exposed for what they truly are.

Watch the 2 minute commercial below and read the White tears spilled over social media: