Trump Supporter, Tomi Lahren BASHES Obamacare During Politicon Debate…. Then ADMITS She’s ON OBAMACARE!

Tomi Lahren, the outspoken Trump enthusiast and right-wing Republican who became wildly popular for her alternative facts on Hip Hop, Black Lives Matter, and other topics relating to communities she has no connection with, is in the news yet again for her hypocrisy.

The 24 year old joined Chelsea Handler at this year’s Politicon for an hour-long debate, and spent at least 10 of those minutes bashing Obamacare.

It fails the very people it intends to save, said Lahren. When asked what health insurance plan she’s currently on, Tomi admitted she’s still under her parents’ insurance plan: Obamacare!

The audience erupted into laughter and some yelling “Thanks, Obama!”, before Handler calmed the crowd, exclaiming “stop, stop, stop, she’s being honest”.

Catch the Twitter reactions below:

Watch their full debate below (Tomi admits to being on Obamacare around the 10:17 mark):

Oddly enough, Lahren seems to think she won the debate, telling TMZ she thinks she conviced Chelsea to come over to the right-wing.

Sure, Tomi.

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