A Family Of SCAMMERS: Ferrari Tru & His BM Been Trying To COME UP Off Celebrity Beefs All 2016

Last year, popular model Sheneka Adams went through a very public breakup with manager, Jacob York. Shantis used it as an opportunity to gain some clout by claiming she was a pimp who sold Sheneka to Jacob the year prior:

Confused by these allegations, Sheneka dismissed Shantis as a troll, but that didn’t stop her.

Last year, Shantis exposed rapper Lil Wayne after he flew her out, but failed to feed her more than a few slices of apple and weed smoke. She was pregnant at the time:


She then involved Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter in her mess, tagging her in comments about how badly Wayne treats his groupies:

Shantis also says she slept with Mickey “Memphitz” Wright while he was still married to Toya. According to her, Toya knew Memphitz had affairs, even allowing him to keep an apartment in Atlanta where he sleep with other women:

Picture from Fameolous.com via Instagram.

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