Webbie Arrested For BEATING Girlfriend With BELT & Holding Her Captive In Baton Rouge Motel After 2 Day COCAINE & MARIJUANA Binge

31 year old rapper Webbie was arrested on felony charges after beating his girlfriend and holding her captive at a Comfort Inn in Baton Rouge, LA. Webbie’s 25 year old girlfriend says Webbie was on a 2 day cocaine and marijuana binge and had not been to sleep in days.

When police arrived early Wednesday morning, July 5th, they noticed the girlfriend had welts on her legs and back from being beaten with a belt. Webbie also reportedly fractured her nose and pinned her to the floor, pushing his knees into her throat so she couldn’t breathe.

The woman told police this isn’t the first time he’s hit her, but it’s her first time reporting it.

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