I Tried Dating A WHITE MAN. It Didn’t Work.

Like most women, when it comes to dick, color is irrelevant.

Like Quavo said, I don’t discriminize.

I’ve always wanted to try a White guy, but I thought my personality, the way I carried myself, and my background would be “too much” for them. I imagined them going after the dainty Whitney Gilbert types, the skinny girls who passed the paper bag test whose dad was the only Black guy with a membership to the country club.

I ain’t that.

Plus, the only White guys who approached me rocked zigzag braids, face tats and aluminum grills, such as the White guy who asked for my number as he was stealing deodorant out of CVS.

Not my type, boo.

It wasn’t until an older White gentleman built like a Jersey Shore Guido with gray hair, and green eyes approached me that I decided to give the swirl a try.

He told me he was new to the city (relocated for work) and was looking for a “friend” to show him around. We exchanged numbers.

And it pretty much ended really quickly after that….


  1. For real, you need to try dating another white guy. Can I tell you my story? I met my husband of 20 years when a white friend invited me to a party to introduce me to a Black ex-Football Player. White friends like to matchmake their single Black friends. Anyway, after the intros, it was obvious that this ex-Football Player was not interested in me at all (he liked a petite blonde blue-eyed girl that came with someone else) so, I politely excused myself and wasked away. However, there was someone at that party who observed the awkward exchange between me and the football player, and their interest was piqued. I did not meet that someone that night. However, a few days after the dinner, a message was left on my voicemail that went as follows, “HI, my name is Tim. I was at a party with you last week. We did not get introduced but, I saw how you dealt with Collin (the ex-Football Player) and liked your style. Here’s my number. Call me sometimes.” I knew the caller was white and it took me more than a month to respond. But, I eventually did call him back. I did not see this man as someone I would date but, he was persistent. We dated for 4 years, got engaged for 2 years and then, got married. We have now been together for 20 years. I won’t say that our being together has not been “trying” at times but, he is good to me and he loves me and our daughter.

    If you truly are open to dating a white guy then, try dating another one. There are good and bad men in all races.

    The white guy you wrote about in this blog is a sleaze; and when you found out he had HIV and had purposely infected his 2nd wife, you should have ended it there regardless of the money and gifts. Good Luck.

  2. You should to be open and try again thank God he told you about his HIV! But I ask about testing on my first date and papers don’t want to die lol?

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