Tyrese: “Gay People Are As Strong As Black People USED To Be”

After actress Jada Pinkett-Smith called for entertainers and audiences alike to boycott the Oscar’s, other stars such as filmmakers Spike Lee and Michael Moore publicly supported the boycott.

Though these celebs are power players in the film industry, singer Tyrese took to social media to ask why the younger and more influential Black stars weren’t publicly supporting the cause. In his “aggressive rant”, as Tyrese called it, the singer called out his peers for being for not supporting Black issues due to the fear of being blackballed and only playing activist when it’s convenient for them.

Tyrese Calls Out Chris Rock

He also urged Chris Rock, this year’s host of the Oscar’s, to step down as host. Watch Tyrese address his peers in a series of Instagram videos BELOW:

Tyrese stated today’s artists are afraid to take a stand on issues that matter and only speak up when it’s convenient. Which artists come to mind when you hear that? I can think of one major artist who nevrr has a voice until the masses take a stance. Then, they join in on the popular side. See part two of Tyrese’s address to his Black celebrity peers on the NEXT PAGE below…

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