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Get started promoting your business with TeaServedColdTSC is now offering affordable advertising promotional offers for new and growing businesses. Choose from one of our promotional advertising options below:

With our social media promotional offer, your business can reach the hundreds of thousands readers following our social media pages. With one click, your ad will be posted on our multiple social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. We will post as many permanent ads from your business as you like and you have the option of customizing the time and dates of the ads to maximize visibility. We can also write the captions for your ads to help captivate potential customers. Choose an option from our social media promotional offer below for purchase (please see *Conditions of Purchase* below payment options) :

Caption Choices

With our website advertising, your ads will be posted on our new Deals page on and on our multiple social media platforms. As with our social media promotional offer, you will have the option of writing your own promotional article or having TeaServedCold write it for you. Your ads will be viewed by our hundreds of thousands of readers on social media and our daily readers on this website to maximize visibility. Choose an option from our website advertising below for purchase(please see *Conditions of Purchase* below payment options) :

Website Advertising Promo Caption

*Conditions of Purchase*:

With the social media advertising and website advertising, there are NO REFUNDS. All sales are final. If you choose to have TeaServedCold write your caption or article for you, and it does not meet your satisfaction, we will post up to two complimentary articles and/or social media posts, depending on your purchase. There will be no forfeiture of payment due to dissatisfaction of the content, increase in sales or visibility of ads from TeaServedCold.




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