Jada Pinkett-Smith Says She & Gabrielle Union Had A 17 Year SILENT BEEF & She Doesn’t Remember Why… But THIS 17 Year Old RUMOR Of What Happened On Set Of “Bad Boys 2” May Have Something To Do With It…

Jada Pinkett-Smith announced a new talk show, titled Red Table Talk, which will reportedly be aired on Facebook Watch, a video on demand service offered by the social network since 2017.

Jada will sit alongside her mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones and daughter Willow Smith, along with a few famous guests, including Will Smith’s first wife Sheree Zambino and Gabrielle Union.

During a promo run for the show, Jada revealed she and Gabrielle Union were in a silent beef for 17 years and the two reconciled on her talk show. Jada stated she didn’t even remember why the two stopped getting along… But rumor has it, the two’s feud has to do with what happened on set of Bad Boys II 17 years ago. Continued on next page.