Cardi B Says Cheating With New Women ISN’T A DEAL BREAKER, Cheating With An EX IS

During an interview with “your favorite drag queen” Naomi Smalls, Cardi B discussed her wedding plans with Offset, relationship deal breakers, and what she loves most about him (his mouth!)

Cardi B says cheating with new women isn’t a deal breaker because sometimes a man gets bored and wants something new. Cheating with an ex-girlfriend? That’s another story.

Cardi also says she wanted to wait 2 years after her October 2017 engagement to get married and hopes to wed in 2019. She also discussed how she’s changed from a ruggish thuggish teen to a hip hop star.

Watch below:

Watch behind the scenes of Cardi’s photo shoot for the April cover of Cosmopolitan magazine:

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  1. Azealia is a nut but SOMETIMES she says the truth. Cardi is my boo but she”s making a mistake taking so long to release her album.The longer she waits, the greater chance of it flopping. That”s what happened to Remy. She dropped Shether and took forever to drop an album. Now all her singles keep flopping. People have moved on to Cardi. So Cardi came up and surpassed her. Time waits for nobody. She has to drop it before Nicki comes back. That”s just how it is.

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