Mental Illness? Orphaned Child? Why I’m NOT Here For The Nikolas Cruz Excuses

Here comes the BS; the victimization of Nikolas Cruz, the 19 year old student who walked into the high school he was kicked out of and killed 17 people yesterday.

Born into foster care? That wouldn’t matter if he was Muslim/Black/Latino.

Mentally ill? I remember using that argument for a Black criminal and got my a** handed to me.

Death in the family? People die everyday, B. People don’t snap and kill dozens of children everyday, though.

And “this shouldn’t spark a debate about gun control?

How about the fact that all the shooters in the mass shootings at Parkland, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, San Bernardino, Orlando, and Aurora all used the same weapon, an AR-15 as their weapon of choice, according to ATTN:

According to NowThis Politics, this is the 18th school shooting of 2018 and we’re only in February. There have been 334 mass shootings in the past 12 months and no new federal gun law changes since 1994. Stricter gun control laws haven’t been enacted because the people behind gun rights and pro-gun advocacy groups look like the man who took 17 lives yesterday. They would never enforce laws to infringe on their rights… or their pockets.

The politicians who keep blocking federal regulations on gun control are backed by the largest gun advocacy group, National Rifle Association, with Congressional State Reps and Senators receiving a total of $40 million in donations from the NRA. When these lawmakers who are backed by the NRA were asked what they planned to do about yesterday’s school shooting, besides offer “thoughts and prayers”, like Donald Trump. They offered nothing:

Donald Trump reportedly blamed the mass shooting on the alleged mental illness of Nikolas Cruz, as many media outlets will do in the upcoming days, but Trump revoked President Obama’s bill that would’ve prohibited selling guns to people receiving social security checks for mental illness. Former President Barack Obama recommended the bill in 2013 after the Sandy Hook shooting. In an effort to cleanse Congress of the Obama administration, Trump revoked Obama’s bill, as he’s reportedly done several other Obama-era bills, last year in February 2017.

Speaking of a White supremacist, according to reports, Jacob Jered, the leader of a White supremacist group called the Republic of Florida, named school shooter Nikolas Cruz as one of their members. He later tried to recant his claim as a “misunderstanding”.

Survivors of the Florida school shooting describe what they saw when Nikolas entered the school with an AR-15:

Keep in mind, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation if Nikolas Cruz was Muslim/Black/Latino.

Stop Victimizing WHITE Criminals. Stop Criminalizing BLACK Victims.