Video Of HBCU Students DEGRADING Waffle House Employee Sparks Conversation On How Service Workers Are Treated [WATCH]

A video of HBCU students calling a Waffle House employee a “bum” for working at Waffle House started a thread of conversations about how poorly service workers are treated.

One of the students posted the videos where they berated the Waffle House employee, who appears to be a cook. The argument between the employee and the students began when the employee made a joke all of the college students who had patronized the restaurant were “indecisive”. The students, who attend Delaware State University, responded by telling the employee that he was a 30 year old bum who was too old to be working at Waffle House.

Watch the videos posted by one of the students:

The Waffle House employee responded to the tweet, saying the HBCU’s students are usually the restaurant’s rudest customers:

Two of the rude students from the video:

This sparked a thread of conversations of how poorly service workers are treated by customers, with some workers revealing the times they felt humiliated by a customer: