H&M Store DESTROYED By South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters: “We Will Not TIP TOE Around RACISM, We Will Get Physcial, If Needs Be…”

The Black boy model for H&M UK is still going viral.

H&M UK posting the Black boy on their website catalog wearing a hoodie with the words “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” printed over his chest, resulted in celebrities ending their campaigns with the major retailer. H&M released a statement saying they would remove the image and the hoodie from their collection altogether.

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We have got this wrong and we are deeply sorry. Link in bio.

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That wasn’t good enough.

The child’s mother Terry Mango even tried defending the brand. Terry, who’s a Nigerian-born Sweden resident, said she didn’t get why Black people were so upset and didn’t view her son wearing a “coolest monkey” hoodie as an offensive stereotype.

The boy’s image was revamped by social media users, with some photoshopping a crown on his head and covering the writing on his hoodie with more affirming titles, in an effort to change the image’s narrative.

But for our brothers in the mother land, that simply wasn’t enough.

Pictures and videos of an H&M store being destroyed this morning are making its waves across the web.

The store destroyed was inside Menlyn mall at Sandton City, Johannesburg, South Africa. It was reportedly part of a protest at the mall by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on Saturday morning. EFF’s reported Deputy President Floyd Shivambu tweeted about the overt racist oppression South Africans face everyday saying “the land is still in the hands of those who stole the land. We will not tip toe around racism. We will fight physically if needs be”:

The EEF’s Commander In Chief Julius Sello Malema also responded in a series of tweets and retweets to those who’ve questioned the EEF’s form of protest: