She Was RIGHT!! 3 Years Ago, Psychic Says Lorenzen Wright Identified “That B*tch” Sherra Wright & “Big Bill” Turner As His Killers, Also Named Third Killer & Police Detective Who Was IN ON The Murder [LISTEN]

Keep in mind, Psychic Abigail Noel stated this in July 2014, the day before the anniversary of Lorenzen’s death. The video was posted to YouTube on November 2, 2014. Noel asked that the men she named as Lorenzen’s killers speak up and prove her wrong.

3 years later, we’ve learned some of the things she revealed were true, such as the story of Billy “Big Bill” Turner, who recently pleaded not guilty to his murder charges relating to Lorenzen’s death. Noel also says Sherra Wright was involved in the murder. She too was recently arrested and charged with murder, as well as attempted murder for a previous attempt to kill Lorenzen. Though rumors allege Kenny and Sherra were romantically involved, some also believe Billy too had an affair with Sherra.

This wouldn’t come as a surprise as Sherra reportedly married 2 other men in the 7 years after Lorezen’s death. Her second husband was Reggie Robinson, a Tennessee sheriff deputy, whose marriage to Sherra only lasted a few months.

Her third and current husband is Tim Robertson, a music producer from Memphis who owns a San Diego-based record label. He and Sherra married in California and live in the $500,000 home she was arrested at.

Noel says the reasons they killed Lorenzen were due to “jealousy and comparison”, noting how “Big Bill” called Lorezen “pretty boy” as he aimed to shoot Lorenzen in his face.


In another video, Psychic Abigail Noel discussed Lorenzen Wright, and according to viewers, it appeared Lorenzen spoke through her when she spoke angrily of Sherra Wright. Watch that video below:

Listen to Noel speak about what Lorezen told her of the night he was murdered below:

Fans also point to Sherra’s book, Mr. Tell Me Anything, as possible evidence of her involvement in her ex-husband’s murder.

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  1. They haven’t because the psychic was wrong. The name was a coincidence CLEARLY. Psychics aren’t real, they use a technique called cold reading and for all we know the lady could have researched the case. I live in Memphis, most of the stuff she mentioned you could easily look online. She mentioned 3 men were there and never mentioned Shera being there but she was one of the shooters. She said she had something to do with it which was pretty obvious, everyone here suspected her. If it were 3 people then why were there only 2 different bullet castings? So the third person was just watching huh? It wasn’t a third person, they would have already arrested them. It’s been a month, there may have been ppl involved that help cover it up but I honestly believe shera and billy were the only people there. She also said he died the second time he got shot, if you listen to the 911 he was still alive after the first round of shots were fired. 2 or 3 shots were fired and then he says “got damn” more shots were fired and you hear a thump probably him falling. Then she said something about Jesus and that’s when I knew she was a fraud. She said Jesus spoke to her and told her to call her J, why would he tell her that when Jesus isn’t his real name and the letter J was created like 500 years ago? People have to stop being so gullible, it decreases your IQ

  2. I am wondering why they haven’t went out to get the other people that name that was involved in this tragedy murder i been following this story since it happen i think it time everything comes to the light tell me if i am wrong i don’t think so text me back with your answer

    • Who cares what the so called psychic has to say. I don’t believe in them so I don’t listen to what they say and I don’t read anything they write. But his wife still set up him getting killed. All she had to do was leave she would have gotten plenty of money. You don’t kill people. Walk the hell away.

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