She Was RIGHT!! 3 Years Ago, Psychic Says Lorenzen Wright Identified “That B*tch” Sherra Wright & “Big Bill” Turner As His Killers, Also Named Third Killer & Police Detective Who Was IN ON The Murder [LISTEN]

After “crossing over”, the Pyschic Noel asked Lorenzen if he knew who killed him. Lorenzen responded:

“The bitch! The bitch! That bitch did this to me”, showing Noel the image of a wedding ring and the face of his ex-wife, Sherra Wright. “She always wants more! More, more, more! It’s never enough! It was always about money”.

Noel then mentions how Sherra met Lorenzen when he was 17. She was 22. Lorenzen, a high school basketball star on the rise, was being trained by Coach Julius Robinson, Sherra’s father. Before dating Lorenzen, she’d also dated legendary soul singer Isaac Hayes, a man 28 years her senior. Lorenzen didn’t care about her past, or rumors that she was a star-chaser. He was young and became infatuated with her. By the time he was 21, he and Sherra were married and had 7 children. One of their children, Sierra Wright, died as an infant.

Psychic Noel says Lorenzen named his second killer: Kenny Brown. Kenny Brown was Lorenzen’s driver and the man Noel says fired the shot that took Lorenzen’s life. The first shot went threw Lorenzen’s left wrist, as he held up his arm to block his face. The second bullet took his life. Soon after his death, Sherra started a fire in her backyard. She reportedly told police she started the fire to burn garbage, but Noel says Sherra burned the clothes Kenny wore the night he killed Lorenzen. Kenny and Sherra had allegedly been sleeping together for the past year at that time behind Lorenzen’s back.

Before his death, Lorenzen had fallen behind on his child support to Sherra for their 6 children and had already moved on, dating another woman, a younger woman, named Alexis Bradley. This enraged Sherra, who was no longer getting the money she was used to and now watching another woman living the life she once lived with her ex-husband, who she’d newly divorced.

The night of Lorenzen’s disappearance, Sherra reportedly told police she didn’t know who Lorenzen left her Collierville home with, but that he’d left with drugs and money to conduct a drug deal around 10:30pm that night. Noel says Lorenzen actually left at 10:44pm and says Sherra knew Lorenzen left with his driver Kenny Brown and watched them drive off through the window of her home. The 2 were supposed to go meet up with 2 other people, but stopped to get something to eat first.

Kenny ate a burger and Lorenzen rolled up a marijuana joint to smoke after they ate, says Noel.

Kenny and Lorenzen met up with the 2 other people, says Noel, one being a man Lorezen referred to as “Big Bill”, which could be Billy Turner, who was recently arrested in connection to Lorenzen’s death. Noel says Lorenzen knew “Big Bill” had worked around the House of Dubz, a car detail shop in Memphis.

The second person they met up with was “Bobby Cole”, whose coincidentally married to the sister of Detective Dennis McNeil, the first detective who arrived at the scene of Lorenzen’s murder.

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  1. They haven’t because the psychic was wrong. The name was a coincidence CLEARLY. Psychics aren’t real, they use a technique called cold reading and for all we know the lady could have researched the case. I live in Memphis, most of the stuff she mentioned you could easily look online. She mentioned 3 men were there and never mentioned Shera being there but she was one of the shooters. She said she had something to do with it which was pretty obvious, everyone here suspected her. If it were 3 people then why were there only 2 different bullet castings? So the third person was just watching huh? It wasn’t a third person, they would have already arrested them. It’s been a month, there may have been ppl involved that help cover it up but I honestly believe shera and billy were the only people there. She also said he died the second time he got shot, if you listen to the 911 he was still alive after the first round of shots were fired. 2 or 3 shots were fired and then he says “got damn” more shots were fired and you hear a thump probably him falling. Then she said something about Jesus and that’s when I knew she was a fraud. She said Jesus spoke to her and told her to call her J, why would he tell her that when Jesus isn’t his real name and the letter J was created like 500 years ago? People have to stop being so gullible, it decreases your IQ

  2. I am wondering why they haven’t went out to get the other people that name that was involved in this tragedy murder i been following this story since it happen i think it time everything comes to the light tell me if i am wrong i don’t think so text me back with your answer

    • Who cares what the so called psychic has to say. I don’t believe in them so I don’t listen to what they say and I don’t read anything they write. But his wife still set up him getting killed. All she had to do was leave she would have gotten plenty of money. You don’t kill people. Walk the hell away.

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