The Attack Wasn’t A PRANK, It Was PLANNED. 11 Year Old Bronx BURN VICTIM & 12 Year Old “Friend” ARGUED A LOT Prior To Attack, Friend Threatened Her “You Better Not Go To Sleep”

The boiling water melted the skin on Jamoneisha’s face, neck, and shoulders as she woke in excruciating pain around 4am. She was treated at Harlem Hospital as her mother Ebony Merritt, grandmother, and Reverend Robert Rice prayed over her.

“She’s doing fine, she’s strong,” said Rice via the NYDN. “Her spirit is strong. I gave her a hug, and she’s smiling.”

Seeing the smile on her Jamoneisha’s face wasn’t enough to satisfy her mother, who allegedly confronted 12 year old Aniya and choked her. She then confronted Aniya’s mother early Thursday morning outside her apartment, screaming:

“I’m going to cut your face, you fucking bitch! I’m going to burn your fucking house down”, screamed Ebony. “You let this happen to my daughter!”

Police were called to calm Ebony, and her daughter’s 12 year old attacker Aniya was arrested for the assault and will be charged as a juvenile for the act.

After the incident, Aniya felt so guilty about what she’d done, she tried to cut herself with a knife. She’s since been taken to Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center and placed on suicide watch.

Picture Credit: NYDN.