[VIDEO] “Catch Me Outside, How ‘Bout That!” Troubled Teen From Dr. Phil Gets Caught Outside & BEAT UP, Both Girls RESPOND To Fight Video!!

13 year old Danielle appeared on Dr. Phil back in December as a troubled teen with her equally troubled mother Barbara-Ann.

Dr. Phil checked both Barbara-Ann and her daughter for shouting expletives and threatening physical violence towards each other in a home video submitted to the show. Clips from the show went viral after Danielle threatened both her mother and the audience in her thick accent and broken English, saying “catch me outside, how ‘bout that?!” Watch below:

Danielle apparently hasn’t changed much since the show. A video surfaced of Danielle being “caught outside” by another girl whom Danielle allegedly threatened to cut the girl with scissors. Other teens recorded the fight where Danielle got dragged by the girl she allegedly threatened.

Danielle then sat in a car, saying she couldn’t fight anymore, only to get pulled out of a car, and beat up again. Both Danielle and her opponent explained the fight, with Danielle saying you can’t win them all. Watch below:

Danielle’s opponent explained why she dragged Danielle:

Danielle responded to being clowned in her comments after losing a fight, saying she lost because she was high on Xanax and calls her opponent’s mother a prostitute:

See more of Danielle’s explanation HERE:


  1. this is sad to see the next generation thinks it is so cool to be like this. it is truly sad because our youth is dying because of this behavior and society and parents have failed to do their job to teach our youth respect. I am sad for the way the world is going because my young daughter will have to grow up in this world with these young people growing into people who will run this country one day..

  2. tbh Danielle is lit and she funny and she know how to talk and tbh the way she act is how she is she wouldnt be known today if she didnt get put on dr.phil ND HER AND MALULU GOT HELLA BEEF cant wait to see her beat her ass and also Danielle u my fav person love you girl keep being you and dog walk bitches

    • Girl stfu both bitches talk shit❗️? Ion kno why both these just fight already and cut the he said she said shit? Honestly, Dani ain’t kno how to fight and actin all bold on social media when she kno she ain’t finna do shit❗️Same goes to Malu that hoe talk a lot of shit❗️So, until next time I’m waiting until both these bitches throw hands or sum❗️?

  3. All on the mother, that little girl is going to be dead, pregnant, or in jail in a year. Good job mom!!! Your daughter is a skank!

  4. Ok…seriously?? I dont care how old she is…its disgusting the way she acts and talks. She tries to act like she’s tough and from the hood. She’s disrespectful to Dr. Phil and her mother. Although her mother isn’t much better. If my daughter acted like that, i wpuld be horrified. Yes, she seriously needs help, but come on…you cannot sit here and defend her behavior and attitude. The other girl is her age too so im sorry but i do not feel sympathy for her. Having someome take her self righteous attitude down a couple notches is what she needs. No i don’t wish she would get hurt, which luckily she didn’t, but I’ve never seen such horrible behavior and the way she talks, trying tp be all ghetto…girl wouldn’t know what to do If she really ended up in the hood..She’s a freaking joke.

  5. At 13,you could catch me outside, preaching about the Bible. I did what I had to to do. And had no problems. Age isn’t what makes one mature, it’s life choices and decisions.

  6. First of all what y’all are saying is so stupid she has feelings and she is obviously a troubled person you wouldn’t like it if you got lots of hate like she did and you were in her positikn

  7. I don’t care if she was 10. Talk shit, you get jacked. All there is to it. It’s not like the girl she fought was a grown woman; she was her equal (in more ways than one). I feel no sympathy for her. When I was 13, I kept my ass out of shit and only fought when physically provoked. Otherwise, I kept my fucking mouth shut.

  8. Ok, so we all kind of dislike Danielle. But here is what’s up. She is a little girl, only 13 years old. Nobody should be happy that she was attacked. (Or “dragged”, in her own words.) Picture yourself at 13, what were you like?

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