BLAME IT ON THE HENNY!! Young MA Apologizes For Kicking Fan Out of Concert Because She Didn’t Have A Phone

24 year old hip hop rookie Young MA is got her first taste of the ugly side of fame after kicking a fan out of her recent concert.

During the show, Young MA stopped the music to tell all of her fans to pull out their phones to record her performance. A fan in the front row didn’t have a phone and MA went on a rant, scolding the fan for having the audacity to touch MA while onstage, but not have a phone to record MA’s performance. MA then kicked the fan out and her social media feed was filled with comments labeling the rapper a bully. Watch her rant below:

The next night, MA addressed the backlash she’d received at another show and apologized to the fan, saying to blame it on the Henny, and not her heart:

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