Houston Man Goes VIRAL After Telling His Wife AND Sidechick “They BETTER Learn To GET ALONG!!”

Via Lonnie Turner’s Facebook page:

“Wow!! I’m still trying to figure out how my thoughts have made it all around the world…??? Do people envy the fact that I’ve maintained two full fledged relationships for years?? Are women feeling a certain kind of way because women don’t like seeing women share a guy? How am I the bad guy because I choose to live my life to the fullest and enjoy everything that I have access to?

I know several people who have commented on my timeline that wish they could have had relationships be in the open, but the guys they were having sex with kept them hidden from society. I know some people who have commented on my post who have had guys run them into the ground mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. I haven’t done any of these things. I have NEVER hit a woman in my life. I have also had people comment about me saying I’m on drugs and that I’m an alcoholic. I must admit that I do drink socially/daily, but I am not a drug head.

There is also someone who has commented on my post who is totally ashamed to let the world know who her child’s father is.  I have unemployed people who steal and take money from their mates. I have people who have boyfriends and husbands who literally beat them senseless but yet the ladies still continue to love their partners. I know guys who live off of their wives and girlfriends and refuse to get jobs. I know several people who have commented who have sold pussy simply to live.

I’ve never judged anyone. I’ve never knocked anybody’s hustle. I support whatever makes people happy. It is shocking that my wife has gotten over 1000 inbox messages from people saying they are praying for her. It baffles me because my wife lives better than damn near all of the people trying to reach out to her to pray for her.

They need to be praying for themselves. Or maybe they have been praying for themselves but their prayers are not being answered. Smh. Everyone should be happy. All of you single women are at home every night wishing y’all had someone next to you.

Then there are those who have a dude come by to keep you company whenever he chooses to find or take the time to. I love all of the comments. I really do. I just want some of the people who are having issues of their own to maybe come together so that we all can come up with healthy solutions to all of our problems. How about since sooo many of you think I should not do some of the things I do, each of you should schedule times and dates to treat me to nice dinners and talk to me about how to be a better man.

I have one question: WHAT MAKES ME SOOO BAD⁉️”


  1. Berlin murdering scum. Iv just watched his case FF. I’m pretty sure after this he was behind his dad’s killing. Don’t these women know this man will infect them with his evil.

  2. This guy is sick….he killed his own father….he’s a sick piece of shit….but there are whores out there that will screw these sick dogs….most of them end up stories on forensic files

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