Memphis Teenager Commits MURDER On SNAPCHAT, Charged As JUVENILE

A White teenager, 16 year old Sebastian Vaughn shot and killed 35 year old Marlo Williams outside of an IHOP in Memphis, TN on Monday.

The two met up because Vaughn, the teenager, wanted to buy marijuana. Instead, Vaughn shot Williams in the chest, stole the drugs, stole Williams’s money, and posted the murder on snapchat!

He took a picture of Williams slumped over in his Lexus, bleeding from the chest wound and captioned it “I just killed a motherfucker 10 minutes ago.” He sent the photo in a message to his friends and it was turned over to police.

The Memphis Police Department refuses to release any booking photo (mugshot) or any booking information for the media (so his mugshot can’t be plastered all over the news like they do for “other criminals”).

Vaughn is reportedly being held at Shelby County Juvenile Detention Center and they plan to charge him as a juvenile.

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