Rihanna Makes One FIERCE Bridesmaid As Her Bestie Jenn Morales Gets HITCHED On 4/20

While the rest of the world was getting higher than a kite yesterday, Rihanna’s bestie was getting hitched!


Jenn Rosales, Rihanna’s personal assistant and close friend, packed up all of her friends and family and headed to Hawaii for a beautiful destination wedding. The beautiful bride married Aaron Davis on a date I’m sure he’ll never forget: 4/20. April 20th is the one day of the year when cannabis lovers across the world come together to smoke and be merry. Plenty of 4/20 themed festivals and concerts take place as everyone blows smoke into the air. It’s only fitting that Rihanna’s bestie be married on that day.




The bridesmaids consisted of Rihanna and her other right-hand girl, Melissa Forde, who walked down the aisle together, amongst other close friends and family of the bride. Guests of the wedding posted pictures of the ceremony on Instagram with the hashtag “#Davis420wedding” congratulating the couple.






Rihanna wrote a special post to the newlyweds on her Instagram page:

#davis420wedding I can’t believe this day is finally upon us!!!!! I’m so happy and so proud to see my big sis @jennnrosales and my big bro @the_aa become one today!!! A wedding is a celebration of a marriage!!! That’s what we gon do!!! Celebrate the marriage that we’ve been lucky enough to witness grow and evolve for all these years!!!! #420 will never be the same again!!! God bless you both!!! And Jen you HAVE to take the Davis name bitch!!! Pull it together (in my Jhat voice)!!! #CheersToTheDavis


We wish Jenn and her new hubby Aaron the best…

Picture Credit: Rihanna’s Instagram page, #Davis420Wedding Instagram pictures