When White Privilege FAILS: RACIST White Family Assaults Female African American Soldiers In Resturant & Is Arrested By BLACK OFFICER [VIDEOS]

When White privilege fails…

A White family, including an elderly woman and a middle-aged White man and woman, reportedly harassed two African American soldiers outside of a Macon, Georgia restaurant.

According to the man who posted the videos, the White family berated the soldiers with insults. Assuming the two soldiers were a gay couple, they referred to the soldiers as “lesbians” and “Black b*tches”.

It’s not clear why family chose to berate the soilders (outside of blatant racism and misplaced homophobia), but once the two groups made it inside the restaurant, it got physical. When one of the soldiers tried to record their interaction, the elder White woman lunged at her, attempting to swipe the soilder’s cell phone. When she was unsuccessful, the middle-aged White man jumped in to wrestle the cell phone from the soldier’s hand.

The police were later called, but unfortunately for the family, White privilege was not on their side that night and the elder White woman was arrested for assault.

The White middle-aged woman then tried to play victim, telling a Bibb County sheriff, “I had ten big Black guys on me”, the sheriff deputy replied “because y’all were approaching them”.

This didn’t sit too well with the White man who then pulled his phone out to record the officer.

The best part about this is, the arresting officer was Black!

Watch both videos below:



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