Nkosinathi Nkomo, 24 Year Old South African Inventor Of Cape Town Water Drought Solution FALLS TO HIS DEATH & 2 Months Later, A White Man TAKES CREDIT For Invention

2 months after South African Inventor Nkosinathi Nkomo died, a White industrial designer named Retief Krige is reportedly taking credit for Nkomo’s work.

Nkomo, a Soweto-born student at the University of Cape Town created a water purification system and company called AquaRenu, a product built to combat the water crisis in Cape Town. The severe water shortage reportedly began in 2015. The island city gets the bulk of its drinking water from rainfall, which has declined significantly, resulting in 3 consecutive years of drought, says reports.

City officials have asked residents to limit their water use to a maximum of 13.2 gallons per day. Officials will reportedly take extreme measures, dubbing May 11, 2018 as “Day Zero”, the day water taps for the city’s 3.7 million residents will be turnt off. Cape Town residents will then be rationed 6.5 gallons of water, roughly 25 liters, per person per day.

Those 6.5 gallons is all residents will have to drink, cook, bathe, clean, and use the toilet with daily.

Some businesses, including hospitals, will be exempt from the water cut-off.

The city will have 200 access points scattered about the city where residents can get their daily ration of water.

Nkomo, a third year Civil Engineering student co-founded AquaRenu, a greywater-recycling system that purifies and recycles water already used in your home. The system planned to cut household water usage by 50%. 24 year old Nkomo gained national attention for his invention in October 2017.

2 months later, he was dead.

The college student, who had just raised enough money to fund his 4th year at the University of Cape Town to finish his degree, mysteriously fell from the 5th floor of a hotel building in December 2017. Police reportedly stated they suspected no foul play.

Nkomo’s father repirtedly dispelled any thought of a possible suicide, saying his son was excited about his product and raising enough money to finish school. Cape Town police have been tight-lipped about the case, enraging many South African residents.

Another 2 months later, Retief Krige, a White industrial designer, announced his “invention”, Waterloo, a greywater-recycling system that purifies water already used in a household.

Sound familiar?

South Africans are furious. They took to Twitter to question the timing of Krige’s “invention” and also questioned if he was involved in Nkomo’s death.