New Footage Of Libya Slaves ABUSED At Detention Centers, Skin Melted, Lashings, Why Hasn’t The UN STILL Hasn’t Stepped In?!

In 2017, pictures of African immigrants being sold in Libyan slave auctions went viral and sparked international outrage.

Months later, nothing has changed. Africans in Libya are still being sold into slavery and held at illegal detention centers. Footage of Africans being abused while in the detention centers are utterly heinous.

According to Al Jazeera, a major Arab media outlet, African immigrants use Libya as a jump off point to migrate into Europe through the Mediterranean sea. Despite at least 3,000 drowning deaths during the migration through the sea, African immigrants still seek asylum in Europe, only to get deported and returned to Libya.

Villainous peoe have taken advantage of weary immigrants by kidnapping them and selling them into slavery. Pictures of Africans being auctioned off into slavery in 2017 spread like wildfire with many demanding the United Nations (UN) step in. Instead of stepping in, the UN urged Libya to step up and regain control over their country.

Outrage over this modern-day slavery quieted down over recent months, but the footage you’re about to see will revive the rage against Libyan’s dragging government like never before.

Footage has been released of Africans being abused via lashings and being forced to lay naked on the ground while their skin is melted by pouring hot plastic over them inside the detention centers.

The pictures are graphic. The videos are worse.

You’ve been warned.

Click HERE to see the footage OR HERE.

There’s no such thing as an unpoliceable country. Other countries haven’t help because they don’t want to help.