#MeToo? Tamar Braxton CHECKS Diddy’s Former Artist Who Says Vince Herbert ABUSED Her In The Studio

Tamar Braxton has been in the news a lot lately, but it’s not for her powerhouse vocals. The youngest Braxton and her family has been on a mission to take down Tamar’s soon-to-be ex-husband Vincent Herbert. Just months ago, Tamar’s sisters alluded that Tamar was being abused by her husband to a TMZ cameraman in LAX. Shortly thereafter, their mother Evelyn Braxton confirmed it.

Recently, news broke that Vince was arrested on Christmas day. Some reports allege Vince was arrested for spousal assault. Though Tamar denies it, she did reveal that Vince was with her family on Christmas and that Vince was later hit with an order of protection to stay away from her.

When the news broke of his arrest, former Dream singer Melissa Schuman revealed Vincent Herbert abused her when she was 14 years old. Back in 1998, Diddy signed a teenage quartet named Dream when they were 13 and 14 years old. Vince, who produced hits for Bad Boy Records, helped create Dream’s first record and according to Melissa, he’s the reason she suffers from PTSD.

Melissa shared TMZ’s article on Vince being arrested for spousal assault, saying:

“This one I am not surprised by. #VincentHerbert is the reason I suffer PTSD when I’m in the recording studio. He verbally and emotionally abused me when I was 14 while recording Dream’s first record. Isolated us from each other and forced me us loose weight.”

Melissa says when one group member was recording, the other members ran laps:

“When Holly was recording he’d have us do laps around the recording studio in the heat of the summer. […] We had to weigh in in front of him. He had me loose 20 lbs. I went from 121 to 101 lbs.”

She ended with:

“Just because abuse is prevalent is in an industry doesn’t mean it’s acceptable.”

Tamar clapped back, calling Melissa a “thirst bucket” for trying garner sympathy off of Tamar’s pain. Tamar also told Melissa that she doesn’t suffer from PTSD, she suffers from INAC (I Need A Check):

“Ok… now here is what you WON’T be doing thirst bucket!! I know u saw damn puffy MTB [Making The Band]…the industry THEN was like bootcamp for ALL of us!”

“Don’t EVEN TRY to use out personal Family situation for attention!! All the greats had to do it, GAGA, Toni, myself??♀ ALL had [that] was ARTIST DEVELOPMENT!! Now You poppin some #PTSD when back then when he helped y’all sell MiLLIOnS of records u ain’t have NoThing to say UNTIL TODAY!! Don’t try me Becky cause right now you are doing the MOST! He’s not a woman beater, abuser or a BAD man! He just made Bad choices like we ALL do…to ME NOT YOU!! So miss me on the the thirst bucket train before YOUR BF roast your ass!! #have several✈️#gtfoh”
“And ONE more thing.. who told u u had #PTSD do u know what that is? And how crazy u sound? why u DO suffer from is#INAC ( I need a check) #triedit #passmeby ?”

Tamar also responded to those defending Melissa because she was 14 at the time of Vince’s “artist development”:

Tamar sounds like the typical battered woman. One minute she’s crying to the world about the pain Vince has put her through. The next, she’s defending him.

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