HUH?? Fetty Wap’s 5th BM Says 5 Baby Mamas Isn’t A Lot When You Consider How Many People Are In America [VIDEO]

Fetty Wap’s 5th baby mama says having 5 kids with 5 different women isn’t a lot considering how many people make up the American population and the number of women rappers sleep with.

He’s actually expecting babies #6 and #7 with 2 different women, one with whom he already shares a daughter with.

Huh? She also says none of Fetty’s BMs are in relationships with him so none of them should feel “specialer” than the other (*cough cough* Masika).

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This BM is as pretty as the rest of them, but she doesn’t seem like the brightest.

Beauty and brainless. He sure knows how to pick them!

Watch below:


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