Paula Deen Says Her Husband Is “DISGUSTED” With Athletes KNEELING During National Anthem

Paula Deen needs to learn when to stfu.

The 70 year old disgraced former Food Network star opened her big mouth on the topic of Black folk again when she was stopped by TMZ and asked her opinion on professional athletes kneeling in protest during the National Anthem.

Deen initially said she’s not a sports star and flashed those million-dollar dentures, and that would’ve been sufficient enough of an answer.

But she kept going.

She then added that her husband is “disgusted with” the players’ protests before reiterating that she had “no opinion”.

Back in 2012, when it was discovered Paula Deen used the N-word and asked that Black waiters hired for her brother’s “southern plantation wedding” dress as slaves, fans of the star excused her behavior because the elder was raised in the Grand Ole South under Jim Crow when language and attitudes like Deen’s were more acceptable.

And apparently the star is still living in those times.

In a time where celebrities are expected to be more conscious and vocal about tragedies, transgressions and social injustices, it is not only their right, but their job, to speak out against injustice when and where they see fit.

And where else would their protest be most effective than on their biggest platform when millions of people are watching?

Deen saying she had “no opinion” on athletes protesting racism and her husband is “disgusted” by it translates to “we’re disgusted by it”.

This is the same woman who stated she liked the “look and professionalism” of Black slaves. I need someone on her PR team to educate her to not answer any questions non-food related.

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