Donald Trump REFUSES To Hold HIS SUPPORTERS Accountable For Charlottesville Violence, Says It’s Happened Before Barack Obama

President Donald Trump held a press conference today to discuss the “egregious hatred, bigotry, and violence” that took place for over 12 hours in Charlottesville, Virginia.

In the late evening hours, White nationalists, the new politically correct term for “racists”, also called “Alt-Right”; or “White thugs”, marched the campus of University of Virginia in the small Democrat town of Charlottesville, chanting “One people. One nation. End immigration”, “Blood and soil”, and “You will not replace us, White lives matter”.

The White thugs were part of a “Unite the Right” protest and carried lit tiki torches.

Some wore Trump’s Make America Great Again hats. Some reportedly wore swastikas. All left their hoods and capes at home.

Not a cop in sight.

Virginia’s governor reportedly stated he had the National Guard on “stand by” in case the riot peaceful protest got out of control, but they conveniently missed the rioters fighting amongst themselves that night:

By the morning, the riot protest was still in affect, posting hate propaganda on the streets of Charlottesville, like this one, filled with false crime stats:

As the pitiful group of farmers, truck drivers, and wealthy White heirs gathered more attention, more fights and bickering began to break out, this time between the rioters and the citizens of Charlottesville.

In this clip, a woman is heard chanting “Black lives, they matter here” and a racist rioter responds by calling her a “whore”:

This. Is. Happening. In. 2017.

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In another clip, the White nationalists’ bickering turned violent, as they striked citizens with confederate flag sticks:

Where is the national guard? Cops? These thugs are out of control.

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Still no visible cops seen trying to stop the violence.

Oh, wait. Here they are. Charlotteville cops are seen here being attacked by White nationalist rioters, who also took over the police barricade. Why do you think the cops just stood there, refusing to arrest or even resist?

Let’s talk about Privilege….

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Authorities finally decided to step in after a gray sports car plowed into a group citizens who were representing Black Lives Matter and protesting against the White nationalists. The driver injured at least 19 people and killed one. Police reportedly said they didn’t think the driver had “no malicious intent”. Take a look for yourself:

Charlottesville’s Democrat mayor Mike Signer urged citizens to go home via Twitter to avoid any more serious injuries. He called the Unite the Right protesters “a cowardly parade of hatred, bigotry, racism, and intolerance”.

In today’s press conference, Donald Trump refused to hold his supporters accountable, saying “the egregious hatred, bigotry, and violence” has took place “on many sides”, while mentioning the same acts have occurred under former President Barack Obama’s leadership:

Social media reacts to the acts in Charlottesville:

“By choosing to ignore it, you’ve picked a side”.

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