“It WASN’T Country, It Was CONFUSING”: LaPorsha Renae SLAMS Beyoncé’s CMA Performance

Country music bigots fans weren’t the only ones who weren’t fond of Beyoncé’s CMA performance. American Idol finalist LaPorsha Renae expressed her thoughts of Beyoncé’s performance of “Daddy Lessons” with the Dixie Chicks during a livestream to her fans:

“I didn’t feel like that dress matched that song. I didn’t feel like her movements matched that song. It was confusing… and people couldn’t even grasp the beautiful message of that song. She was thrusting her hips and popping her butt. Country people… I don’t even think they do that. They didn’t like it because the essence of country wasn’t there.”

Watch below:

Sigh. I can hear the Beyhive buzzing through her comments now. Say goodbye to a career in R&B, LaPorsha. Maybe you can try country?

Watch Beyoncé’s CMA performance below:

The CMA received a lot of backlash for allowing Beyoncé to perform with exiled country music stars, the Dixie Chicks at this year’s ceremony. The CMAs received so many negative comments from their bigoted viewers, they deleted all evidence of Beyoncé’s performance, despite inviting her to perform:


The #CMA used @beyonce for their FAILING RATINGS & when even she couldn't boost them (due to them putting her at the last few mins of the show), they ERASED all evidence of #Beyonce's performance with the #DixieChicks from their website & social media. On the official Twitter account for the @cma, they tweeted videos of EVERY artist's performance EXCEPT #Beyoncé's. In 2014, the #CMAawards ratings tied 2012 with its LOWEST ratings in #CMAs HISTORY. 2015 didn't do much better, according to reports. Though #Bey's performance is recognized as THE HIGHLIGHT by other media outlets, the 3 hour award show brought in 1 MILLION LESS viewers than LAST YEAR. More viewers tuned into the #WorldSeries to watch the #BadNewsBears…. I mean #Cubs take home the championship for the FIRST time in 108 YEARS. Congrats to them, btw!! ?

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