[WATCH] Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Atasha “Tommie” Jefferson Cries “Police Brutality”, Releases DASH CAM Footage!!

Earlier this month, Tommie of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta posted and deleted pictures of bruised legs, claiming she was the victim of police brutality. She’s now uploaded dash cam footage of the incident.

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According to Tommie, she and two friends were pulled over by Atlanta law enforcement officers for drunk driving. The male driver told deputies he switched seats with Tommie’s female friend, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, seemingly because she was drunk. The officer attempted to get all occupants out of the vehicle, including Tommie, who was sitting in the back seat.

Tommie did not move when told by the officer to exit the vehicle and was consequently yanked out of the backseat and thrown on the ground. Watch the videos below:

Tommie appears to be drunk, but claims she was wobbling after being handcuffed due to the impact of her forehead hitting the ground.

What do you think? Police brutality or a justified response to resisting orders?