White Woman Calls Police Because Black People BBQ In The Park & Gets CONFRONTED By ANOTHER WHITE WOMAN [VIDEO]

Yesterday it was #NappingWhileBlack. Before then, it was #GolfingWhileBlack, #DiningWhileBlack, and #WaitingWhileBlack. Now it’s #CookoutWhileBlack.

A Black family in Oakland, California were setting up for a BBQ in Lake Merritt Park and were approached by a White woman in navy blue. The woman said they could not use a charcoal grill in the park and for that, she was calling police.

When the family showed her the park map, which showed they were in the permitted area to use a BBQ grill, the White woman told them they were now trespassing and she called police.

Another White woman, Michelle Snider started recording and asked the other White woman in blue if she’s only doing this because the family is Black.

At one point, Michelle handed the White woman in blue her card. White woman in blue refused to give it back.

After 2 hours, the police still hadn’t shown up, so White woman in blue called police again, this time saying she was being threatened, assaulted, and followed by the group.

When the police arrived, White woman in blue broke down in White tears. Neither party was arrested or given a citation.