Keaton Jones Family Says The $55K GoFundMe Account Is A SCAM & Does NOT BELONG To Their Family, Responds To RACIST Allegations

The mother of Keaton Jones, an 11 year old Tennessee boy whose emotional video on bullying went viral, has been exposed herself.

Kimberly Jones posted a video on her Facebook page of her weeping son, who had been teased by other students at Horace Maynard Middle School where he attends. Keaton says the other students poured milk over him, put ham in his clothes and made fun of his appearance. Keaton was born with a tumor, says reports, that left him with visible scars and physical deformities.

The video of Keaton Jones crying over being bullied went viral on Facebook, garnering over 17 million views on Facebook alone. A GoFundMe account was set up in his honor and has raised over $57,000.

The principal of Keaton’s school told reporters that at the time of Kimberly’s post, the bullying incident involving Keaton was actually resolved weeks ago, so it’s not clear why she waited to post the video. He also said that bullying within the school isn’t as “rampant” as Keaton’s video makes it seem. Other parents whose children attend Horace Maynard Middle say whenever their children had problems with bullying, the school resolved it swiftly and their children didn’t have any more problems out of their bullies.

According to reports, Kimberly Jones, who posted the video to call out acts of hate against an innocent soul, once stood for oppression herself, mocking Black Lives Matter, as she allowed her kids to swing the Confederate flag. Kimberly Jones is a racist, says readers, and while they still #StandWithKeaton, they’re calling out his mother for her insensitive posts towards victims of racial oppression. Before her page was deactivated, Kimberly Jones reportedly referred to Black Lives Matter protestors as “Butt Hurt Americans”, saying “you can breathe, STOP crying”, which could be seen as an insensitive play on Eric Garner’s last cry before he was murdered by police in a case that sparked national outrage.

Others have even called the video of Keaton a ploy to steal money from sympathetic readers. MMA Fighter Joe Schilling reached out to Keaton’s family, offering to bring Keaton to an upcoming event. Other celebrities followed suit, offering tickets to movie premieres and sports games. According to Schilling, Keaton’s mother declined the offer and asked Schilling to share her GoFundMe page to raise money instead. Schilling questioned why she’s raising money, to which she replied she needed the money to buy Christmas gifts for her children. Watch the video below:

However, Kimberly’s daughter says that Instagram page Joe Schilling communicated with is a fake profile of someone impersonating her mother. She also said the GoFundMe page wasn’t set up by her or anyone in her family. They haven’t asked anyone for money and don’t plan on it:

Read how social media reacted to Kimberly Jones, who’s now being referred to as a “racist money grabber”:

Many have questioned why the deaths of little Black girls 6 year old Kendrea Johnson and 10 year old Ashawnty Davis, or even 11 year old Toni Rivers, didn’t get as much support as Keaton. All 3 children reportedly took their own lives as a result of bullying.

I know y’all gone be mad at me again for not so Following suit but fuck it, talk your shit as you always do… I got much heartfelt love for the lil homie Keaton and wish better for him and what he went thru as many do…. but his moms I can’t rock with… and we as a people so quick to jump on everyone else’s bandwagon outside of our own… just saying…. what about #ashawntydavis … ??‍♂️ you shit on the ppl who are supporting your child the most by the masses at that with their influence … ?? #Repost @tariqelite ・・・ That viral video of #KeatonJones talking about being bullied is heartbreaking, and I feel sympathetic towards that child. But his mom, Kimberly on the other hand, is a suspected racist who makes very problematic posts bullying Black protesters and athletes. And Black athletes and rappers are the main people reaching out to her and her son to offer help #TheIrony

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Keaton’s older sister reacted on Twitter, saying the hate won’t cause her family to lose faith. Lakyn Jones-Bell also refuted claims that her brother was bullied because he used the n-word towards another student: